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Welcome to the Top Eleven Wiki

The Top Eleven Wiki is a guide and reference site hosted by Nordeus, the creators of Top Eleven, and maintained by a volunteer team of players. Top Eleven is a football manager simulation game in which you have the opportunity to lead your own club through various competitions. You get the option to create your club’s identity, choose tactics, buy and sell players, train your squad, build up and upgrade your stadium along with other facilities as well as manage your Club's finances.

Along with all these options, you get to compete with your friends and follow all your matches live, matches of your friends and your competition matches!


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Getting Started

Top Eleven can be played in a browser on either the game's official site, its Facebook app page and Odnoklassniki page, or on mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms. While a Facebook account is not required to play the game on mobile devices, using it will let you play with the same team and progress across all platforms. This is especially useful when you need to watch your match while away from your PC.

When you first launch the game, you will be prompted to supply a team name, create an emblem and design a home and away jersey for your team to use. After that, you will be greeted with a tutorial that will help you understand the game better. If you do have any questions after the tutorial, we recommend reading through this Wiki, or consulting other players on our official forums. You can also find various articles explaining Top Eleven features in detail on the official website.

When you are done with the tutorial, the game will then put you in a League with other managers. The goal of the game is to prevail in your League by improving your Squad, Stadium and using appropriate tactics for each opponent. There are three competitions in total, each with their own rules and prizes. However, you advance in manager level based on your performance in the League.

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